So it begins… A little late.

Sooo, we aren’t really very good at this whole blog thing.  We blasted through the 17 hour drive from San Diego to Boulder, and have now been here for just about a week.  For those of you who may not know us all personally, the crew is myself, Tim Wilkens and Weston White, all hailing from the veritable climbing mecca that is Vertical Hold.

Okay, with snazzy introductions aside, there really hasn’t been too much to report yet.  We’ve climbed for four days now in chaos canyon, getting used to the hike, the elevation and the rock, as well as building skin and trying to identify appropriate projects.  Most of what we’ve climbed so far has just been repeats from last year, or unsuccessful attempts on projects, but we have done a few new things:

Tim El Mutante Wilkens managed to quickly dispatch Gang Bang Arete (V8) a surprisingly strange and tall people unfriendly climb, as well as Handicapps (V9) using the traditional method, which was again, rather scrunchy for him.

I managed to flash a cool little climb called Geeks of the industry (v7/8) and a variety of variations of the same.  Additionally, I was really pleased to put together Secret Splendor (V12), a climb that felt quite hard for me in a 30 or 40 minute effort.

That’s pretty much all for now, hopefully we’ll get a bit more productive on this end, both in terms of climbing and posting about it.  Now that we’ve got this thing started, I’m going to try to post at least a small amount each day at the behest of friends and family at home, so, I hope you all enjoy.


This is just a shot up towards Upper Chaos, were most of our ambition lies. Also, a last note, Daniel Woods ‘The Game (V16)’ looks disgustingly hard.

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